They have GOT to be kidding…

  Ever get frustrated over the price or availability of items you need to make life a little easier?




Let me count the ways.

  • a throw or area rug – $39 to $400+  Sometimes more if you, incredibly, actually want it big enough to be able to walk on it
  • a big waste or laundry bin  –  $49 to $150+  More if you want it to look a little attractive since it is holding trash or dirty linens
  • outdoor furniture  –  $50 to $1,000 a chair!! And unless you want white or the brown swirl pattern, it’ll be 6 weeks…and an added “handling/delivery/set-up” fee
  • something to hold your curtains back  –  “tie backs”  $25  – $100+  a pair
  • now I said it: curtains! $30 to $800+ per panel  “And you say you have 3 bedrooms with 2 windows apiece plus 4 windows each in the dining and family rooms?” $$$$$
  • a cosmetic caddy – $20 –  $400  You can pick from that neon plastic dorm-room one all the way up to a vanity or dressing table, complete with chair

Well, fight back, sister! You don’t have to take what’s available!

Think: What would my great-great-grandma do?

Imagine: It’s 1889, you are out in the middle of the plains, no Target, no Bed Bath and Beyond, no HGTV.

“…then I hammer in the microprocessor and…”

“Well, what do I have/what’s free/cheap?” That’s right, you’d make do. You would make it out of whatever you had available.

And it can be cute, too.

Here’s my new $0 cosmetic caddy:

Amazingly, friends are always willing to help you make more raw materials for this project!
Dirty and unwieldy store-bought version, meet your replacement


And here are my $11.20 temporary pair of curtains: (Twine and washers. How Shovels and Rope!)



You Can Make What You Need! Creative & Cheap

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