Special Places

My Backyard-Thomas Zimmerman

You know them when you see them.

Breathtaking spots can be found in large cities with illustrious pasts or in neighborhood niches. Places that just have that…something.

Artists have described that special quality of a place as “the light.”

Vacationers comment on “the diffused light” in Tuscany or Florence and on the islands of Greece. Brisbane and Sydney, Australia and Paris thrill many.

The painter Claude Monet insisted on having that special place: he created his home and famous gardens in northern France because he fell in love with the village of Giverny while passing by on a train! He rented a house there until he could save enough money to buy. Once rooted, he really began to work with gusto and direction.

In the United States, I’ve felt the magical feeling of the air in Charleston, SC, & Annapolis, MD. Artist Georgia O’Keefe became so entranced by Sante Fe and Taos, she left NY and her lover to bask in its glow full-time.

Have you ever felt that deep, full contentment in a place you visited?

Best selling author, researcher, and speaker Richard Florida relates in his book, Who’s Your City? the importance of a personally inspiring place to live. He calls it the third leg of the happiness stool; a stool with three legs is the most stable type of chair. For a can’t-wait-to-get-out-of-bed life, all three legs have to be strong.

What did you do when you felt that place happiness? Did you take a few photos, sigh, and… go home? Was it hard to leave?

Or did you finally give in, like Monet did…like we did…and just move there?

Or are you still looking? Money Magazine’s annual Best Places to Live issue is a best-seller every year for a reason.

The jump you feel in your heart in such a place is too important to ignore.

*What are the other two legs of the stool? The right career that blends your spiritual and money needs and the right person to share it all with.

Do You Love Where You Live? Best Places to Live issue by Money magazine is a start but…
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