LauraPavlidesSpeakerInformalThe Contrarian Librarian. The Scout. The Lifeguard. Laura M. Pavlides is an author, speaker, and blogger who straddles the Mason-Dixon line between the New World and the Old Thinking, trying to reconcile both sides.

Laura received a BBA in Marketing from James Madison University of Virginia. She has been featured in The Center for a New American Dream‘s brochures; interviewed for NPR on the American workweek; and used as a source for a Wall Street Journal piece on managing economic expectations after the financial crisis of 2008.

In December 2014 in New Orleans at The Faulkner Society’s Words & Music Conference, Laura presented her winning paper to prove that the 959 page novel Gone With the Wind was not a Southern, soap opera romance novel but a timeless, savvy survival manual.

Her research interests focus on confidence, the clash of cultures, the opportunities that emerge after economic shifts, and how people and businesses morph to survive. She lately is most intrigued by the new global vs. local job markets and how kids will now adapt. In 2016, Laura will publish her ten-years-in-the-making historical action adventure romance, Returning Olivia. Set in the 10th century, her own Viking heritage collides with her husband’s Greek one.