Confidence Bracelets-The History

btn3_BraceletCageBirdAmulets, pendants, tokens: whatever you call them, people have been wearing them for centuries. Hanging from a leather cord or a solid metal ring around the neck, they were much like the necklaces we wear today. The ancients wore them for both divine protection and to show others what they stood for…. However, it’s tough to see your own necklace; that’s why I only sell limited quantities of the coolest bracelets that I can find! That way, you can see your special charm easily for inspiration or support.

Confidence Bracelets-Why?

Whether you are changing something in your life or need help through a tough time, a reminder to have confidence is vital. Now I’m offering Confidence Bracelets: meaningful silver charms on colorful, thick thread. Give yourself this little reward, this little reminder to have confidence in yourself for making a change or a personal commitment in your life. They make wonderful, thoughtful gifts, too: sweet, personal, and unique.

Confidence Bracelets-The Details

There are 11 different Confidence Bracelet silver charms; the thread comes in 2 to 3 color choices. The cords are strong but not designed to last forever as goals and dreams change. Make them smaller to fit your wrist just by tying extra knots in the cord. The best part? They come with THE coolest magnetic clasps: as soon as the ends get within a ½ inch of each other, they will fasten themselves!

Nine of the 11 Confidence Bracelets have one bracelet on the spool. The other 2 designs have 2 bracelets included: these are for you and another to share, to be reminded of each other’s support daily.


1 bracelet spool = $10 + 4.25 shipping = $14.25
2 bracelet spool = $17 + 4.25 shipping = $21.25

  • Continental USA for now only. Email me at [email protected] for more than 3 spools and we can lower the shipping cost.
  • Limited quantities really means limited! Once I run out of a special item, there are no more. I love to discover and offer new items, keeping it fresh. (Alert: babysoft tee shirts with tiny, one-of-a-kind art or engaging quotes are coming soon!)

Your 11 Choices of Confidence Bracelets

1: Take to the sky: Turquoise enamel bird charm and silver cage; thread cord in tobacco brown, black, and teal blue.

Sometimes we build our own cages when, really, the door is open for us to fly out anytime. Did someone tell you what you could or couldn’t do or who you are? That’s a cage. Did you once want to feel protected or safe and built your own walls? That’s a cage, too. If you see that now and are ready to move on, this is the bracelet for you. Makes a great graduation present, too.



2: Fly up to the highest heights!: The word “Fly” in silver script; thread cord in black, teal blue, and cherry red.

Seeing the word “Fly” on your wrist daily will remind you to go confidently after what you want. Who knows how far you can go unless you keep reaching? A great graduation present, too.



3: Spread your wings and fly: Bird outline silver charm; thread cord in black and teal blue.

A bracelet for any beginning: starting or ending school, starting a new job, or a long-wished-for change in careers. Time to be intentional about your goals: a concrete plan combined with action. A great graduation or promotion present, too.



4: Strength like the strongest knot: silver compressed knot charm; thread cord in pluff mud grey, black, and cool grass green

A reminder that you DO have the strength to reach your goal regardless of any internal or external pressures. Also good for someone who needs to know they have a support network of friends and colleagues behind them….



5: Lucky in life: Outlined horseshoe silver charm; thread cord in black, cool grass green, and tobacco brown.

Feeling blessed or grateful for answered prayers? Or perhaps want to start feeling positive again? This is the bracelet for you. Also popular with simplicity movement followers and horse lovers….



6: Surround yourself with family and friends: Four silver Joined Lives circle charms; thread cord in teal blue, tobacco brown, and black.

Need to be reminded of the strong foundation supporting you? That you are not alone? That we are all connected? This is the one for you.



7: You hold the key: *Two bracelets included. A set of two; one for me, one for you. Outlined silver heart with keyhole bracelet & outlined silver key bracelet; thread cord in black or cherry red.

Sometimes it’s too hard to go it alone! (That’s why all those weight loss, exercise, and addiction support programs encourage you to link up with others.) This set will remind you two that you both are in it together. Or… maybe you and someone special are going to be apart? Every time you see your wrist, you’ll know your other special person is looking at their bracelet, too and thinking of you.



8: Friends bee-long together: *Two bracelets included. A set of two; one for me and one for you. Silver outlined flower charm bracelet & silver outlined bee charm bracelet; thread cord in cool grass green or teal blue.

A favorite of both children, childhood friends who are separated by distance, or BFFs. Also used as girlfriend weekend mementos! Know when you see this on your wrist, your good friend is thinking of you daily, too….



9: Take the key and lock it up: Silver padlock charm; thread cord in tobacco brown, cherry red and teal blue

Committed to another or a goal but keeping it quiet? Finally completed that assignment or long-worked-for Degree? This bracelet says you’ve got it “locked up,” and soon enough, others will know too.



10: The heart is sacred: Outlined flame coming out of a heart silver charm; thread cord in black, cherry red, and teal blue.

Got a secret crush? Or are you passionate about something…or someone? Remind yourself of that excitement while you attend to other matters. Also can mean great mercy, full gratitude, compassion, long suffering love, devotion, or the Immaculate Heart of Jesus.



11: Crafty Clever girl…. The word “crafty” in silver script; thread cord in tobacco brown, cool grass green, and cherry red.

You are an amazing artist. You always come up with a way around obstacles a la Katniss. Or you can seal any deal. Awards and medals have to stay at home; this bracelet can remind you of past triumphs and praises sung. Check it out on your wrist anytime and gloat.


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